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White Wood Fiber for Construction Mortar

White Wood Fiber for Construction Mortar
  • White-6

  • PTMA

  • 550700

White Wood Fiber for Construction Mortar
It is an organic flocculent fiber material obtained by chemical treatment and mechanical processing of natural renewable wood. It is non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free and non-radioactive. Widely used in the fields of concrete mortar, gypsum products, wood pulp sponge, asphalt roads, etc., to prevent coating cracking, improve water retention, improve production stability and construction suitability, increase strength, enhance adhesion to the surface, etc. Has a good effect. Its technical functions are mainly: thixotropy, protection, absorption, carrier and filler.

Due to the capillary action of the fiber structure, the moisture in the system is quickly transferred to the surface and interface of the slurry, which makes the moisture in the slurry evenly distributed and significantly reduces the skinning phenomenon. And make the bonding strength and surface strength significantly improved, this mechanism also plays a role in crack resistance due to the reduction of tension during the drying process. Wood fiber dimensional stability and thermal stability play a good role in thermal insulation and crack resistance.

Wood fiber is easily dispersed in the insulation material to form a three-dimensional space, and can absorb 6-8 times its own weight of water. This kind of knots and characteristics improve the material's easy performance, operation performance, anti-slip performance, and speed up the construction speed; wood fiber dimensional stability and thermal stability play a good role in thermal insulation and crack resistance in thermal insulation materials; wood The moisture transmission function of the fiber makes the hydration reaction between the surface of the slurry and the base layer sufficient, thereby improving the surface strength of the insulation material, the bonding strength with the base layer and the uniformity of the material strength. These properties make wood fiber an indispensable additive in insulation materials.
The main purpose

● Water-resistant putty powder

● Exterior wall insulation mortar

● Mineral mortar

● Tile adhesive

● Wall mortar

● Tile Bond

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