Coating Materials
Water-based paints are used for the protective and decorative coating of interior walls,ceilings and exterior applications. The choice of admixtures (HPMC,HEMC, HEC) depends on the application and the requirements, the most commonly used types are PTMA HE and PTMA H grades.
Building Materials
PTMA offer modified and non-modified grades of both HEMC, HPMC, RDP, HPS, PVA, Fiber for cement or gypsum based dry premix mortar, such as adhesive mortar, finishing mortar, plaster, glue, bond, repair mortar, gypsum plaster, wall coatings...
Concrete Products
PTMA offers some concrete admixtures, such as

superplasticizer (SM, PCE),





PTMA TECH aims to be one of the world's best suppliers of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose(HEMC) and redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP), redispersible latex powder, and superplasticizers, which are mainly used in construction mortar & concrete and paint industry. 
PTMA TECH is a provider of construction admixture for mortar, coatings & paints and concrete, has three plants with R&D, Manufacturing Enterprise based on cellulose ethers, redispersible polymer powders,hps, pp fiber, and superplasticizers...
  • May,24, 2020
    Cellulose Ethers HPMC Thickener in Wall Putty Powder

    Cellulose Ethers HPMC in Wall Putty PowderIn the Wall Putty Powder, HPMC plays three roles of thickening, water retention and construction workability.Thickening: Cellulose HPMC can thicken to suspend and keep the solution evenly up and down, and resist sagging.Water retention: Make the putty powder dry slower

  • May,03, 2020
    Construction Admixtures for Concrete Products

    Concrete productsPTMA offers some concrete admixtures, such as superplasticizer (SM, PCE), 2-Phenoxyethanol122-99-61-phenoxy-2-propanol770-35-4Castoroilethoxylate61791-12-6Hydrogenatedcastoroilethoxylate61788-85-0Methoxypolyethyleneglycol(MPEG)9004-74-4MPEGmethacrylate26915-72-0PO/EOblockcopolymer(P

  • March,19, 2021
    HEC Thickener in Building

    Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) is nonionic water-soluble cellulose ether. HEC is used as thickener, protective colloid, water retention agent and rheology modifier in different applications. In water-based paints,latex paint, building materials, oil field chemicals and personal care products, HEC works as a thickener.

PTMA TECH is a provider of construction admixture for mortar, coatings & paints and concrete, which has three plants with R&D……
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