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Polypropylene PP fibers

Polypropylene PP fibers
  • PP-3,6,9

  • PTMA

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Polypropylene PP fibers

Polypropylene fibers

Polypropylene fiber is made of polypropylene as raw material and adding appropriate modifiers. The fiber diameter is generally about 40 microns, the tensile strength is 300~400mpa, the elastic modulus is ≥3500mpa, and the ultimate elongation is 15~18%. Its performance characteristics:


(1) Polypropylene fibers are distributed in a uniform three-dimensional chaotic direction in the mortar, forming a network strengthening system. If 1kg of polypropylene fiber is added to each ton of mortar, more than 30 million monofilament fibers can be obtained.

(2) Adding polypropylene fiber to the mortar can effectively reduce the shrinkage cracks of the mortar in the plastic state. Regardless of whether these cracks are visible or invisible. And can significantly reduce the surface bleeding and aggregate settlement of the freshly mixed mortar.

(3) For hardened mortar, polypropylene fiber can significantly reduce the number of deformed cracks. That is, when the mortar hardened body produces stress due to deformation, it can resist and transfer the stress. When the mortar hardened body produces cracks, it can passivate the stress concentration at the crack tip and restrict the crack propagation.

(4) The efficient dispersion of polypropylene fiber in mortar production will become a problem. Mixing equipment, fiber types and dosage, mortar ratio and its process parameters will all become important factors affecting dispersibility.

Used for basement pouring, internal and external plastering, water conservancy, hydropower, tunnels, swimming pools, etc., can improve the ability of crack resistance, anti-seepage, anti-freezing, and can be used in highway bridges, airports and other projects to improve impact resistance, earthquake resistance and wear resistance performance.
Used in spray mortar and concrete to improve the compressive and flexural strength, and the rebound loss rate is greatly reduced. Used in prefabricated components of mortar and concrete to improve the overall crack resistance of components. It can provide effective reinforcement for the corners of prefabricated parts.

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