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Polypropylene Fiber PP Engineering Fibre for Concrete Admixture

PP Monofilament Fiber is made of 100% polypropylene and it is produced through the process of extruding, stretching, cutting and packing, which is best for performance concrete and mortar applications such as industrial floors, bridge decks, shortcete, loading docks, highway, railway, bridge, swimming pool, pond, ditch, industrial workshop, warehouse and parking lot and so on.
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PTMA Polypropylene Fiber PP Engineering Fibre for Concrete

Polypropylene Fiber
PP Fiber - Polypropylene fiber is a kind of high-strength bundle monofilament fiber made of polypropylene as the main raw material, spun, cut and hydrophilized by a unique production process. Adding it to concrete or mortar can effectively control the solidity of concrete (mortar) Micro-cracks caused by plastic shrinkage, shrinkage, temperature changes and other factors prevent and suppress the formation and development of cracks, greatly improving the crack resistance, impermeability, impact resistance and seismic resistance of concrete. It is currently widely used in highways, airports, and ports , Tunnels, bridges, reservoirs, pools, basement engineering, concrete pavement, subway, civil air defense engineering and other fields.

Section: round, Y or triangular
Diameter: 25um—45mm
Specifications: 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm
Packing: small package 0.6kg/bag, large packaging carton or plastic woven bag, and another 18kg package can be provided according to customer needs (20 sachets inside, 0.9kg per bag)

Dosage: concrete: 0.6-0.9kg/m3; mortar: 1.0-1.2kg/m3. If you need to meet special technical requirements, you can adjust the blending amount (such as the deck pavement mixing amount: 1.2kg/cubic meter)

Main Advantage:
Good dispersion and stable performance;
The construction is simple, economical and reliable;
Anti-freezing and anti-cracking, durable and tough;
High alkali resistance, safe and non-toxic;
Excellent anti-shock performance.

Used for basement pouring, internal and external plastering, water conservancy, hydropower, tunnels, swimming pools, etc., can improve the ability of crack resistance, anti-seepage, anti-freezing, and can be used in highway bridges, airports and other projects to improve impact resistance, earthquake resistance and wear resistance performance.
Used in spray mortar and concrete to improve the compressive and flexural strength, and the rebound loss rate is greatly reduced. Used in prefabricated components of mortar and concrete to improve the overall crack resistance of components. It can provide effective reinforcement for the corners of prefabricated parts.

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