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  • PP Mesh Fiber for Construction
    PP Mesh Fiber for Construction

    PP mesh fiber is made of 100% polypropylene and it is produced through the process of extruding, stretching, cutting and packing. PP mesh fiber can be formed a 3D supporting role in the concrete, improving the crack resistance (fracture toughness of concrete) during concrete hardening , and imp

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  • Modified Polycarboxylic Ether PCE based Superplasticizer
    Modified Polycarboxylic Ether PCE based Superplasticizer

    Modified Polycarboxylic Ether based Superplasticizer Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer [PCE] is a new generation superplasticizer with high slump retention performance developed by the most advanced synthetic technology, a green environmentally product with good comprehensive index and no pollution,

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  • 801 Construction Glue
    801 Construction Glue

    Materials%1Pva 269910.262 Formaldehyde3.74~4.213Carbamide4Hydrochloric acid0.74~10.535odium hydratewater84.93801 Construction Glue Formula.

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  • Rutile Titanium Dioxide
    Rutile Titanium Dioxide

    Rutile Titanium Dioxide

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  • The application of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC in building materials
    The application of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC in building materials

    The application of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC in building materials:1 Cement-based plaster⑴ Improve the uniformity, make the plaster easier to be applied on the trowel, at the same time improve the anti-sagging performance, enhance the fluidity and pumpability, and improve the work efficien

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  • HPMC Cellulose Ethers
    HPMC Cellulose Ethers

    HPMC Cellulose Ethers Properties: HPMC is a white or slightly yellow powder, and is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. Water solubility and thickening ability: HPMC can be dissolved in cold water to form a transparent viscous solution. Dissolution in organic solvents: Because HPMC contains a certa

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  • Modified Starch
    Modified Starch

    Modified starchThe starch ether modified from potato, corn, cassava, etc., has significantly lower water retention than cellulose ether. Due to the different degree of modification, the stability to acid and alkali is different. Some products are suitable for gypsum-based mortar, and some products c

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  • Guar Gum Ether
    Guar Gum Ether

    Guar Guar Gum EtherGuar gum ether is a starch ether with special properties that is modified from natural guar beans. It is mainly caused by the etherification reaction between guar gum and acrylic functional group to produce a structure containing 2-hydroxypropyl functional group, which is a polyga

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  • Wood Fiber
    Wood Fiber

    Wood FiberWood fiber is made from plants as the main raw material and processed by a series of technologies, and its performance is different from cellulose ether. The main properties are:(1) Insoluble in water and solvents, and insoluble in weak acid and weak alkaline solutions(2) When used in mort

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  • Redispersible Latex Powder
    Redispersible Latex Powder

    Redispersible latex powder is processed by spray drying of special polymer emulsion. In the process of processing, protective colloids and anti-hardening agents have become indispensable additives. The dried rubber powder is a group of 80~100mm spherical particles gathered together. These particles

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