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Titanium Dioxide Additive

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Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is an important inorganic chemical pigment, the main component is titanium dioxide. The production process of titanium dioxide has two process routes: sulfuric acid method and chloride method. It has important applications in coatings, ink, paper, plastics, rubber, chemical fiber, ceramics and other industries

Today's price FOB USD3200/TON

Titanium dioxide has two structures: rutile type (Rutile R type) and anatase type (Anatase A type). The rutile crystal structure is compact, relatively stable, and has low optical activity, so it has good weather resistance and high coverage. Power, color reducing power.

Quality Data

TiO2 content: ≥97%

Brightness: ≥95%

Color reducing power: ≥100

Volatile matter at 105°C: ≤0.5%

PH of water suspension: 6.0-8.0

Oil absorption: ≤24g/100g

Residue on sieve (0.045mm sieve hole): ≤0.05%

Resistivity of water extract: ≥60Ω·m

Rutile content: ≥97%

Packing: 25kg multi-layer paper bag (inner plastic bag), or 1000kg large bag.

Titanium dioxide is widely application in coatings, plastics, rubber, ink, paper, chemical fiber, ceramics, daily chemicals, medicine, food and other industries.

The coating industry is the largest application of titanium dioxide, especially rutile titanium dioxide, most of which is consumed by the coating industry. The paint made of titanium dioxide has bright colors, high hiding power, strong tinting power, low dosage, and many varieties. It can protect the stability of the medium, and can enhance the mechanical strength and adhesion of the paint film to prevent cracks. Prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays and moisture, and extend the life of the paint film.

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