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PTMA TECH Iron Oxide Black Pigment Manufacturer

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PTMA TECH Iron oxide black manufacturer - ordinary and ultra-fine iron oxide black pigments of chemical iron black, harmless to human body, used in paint coatings, cement building materials, fine grinding materials, pharmaceutical excipients and other fields.

Iron oxide black and its efficacy:

Ptma tech Iron oxide black is a black powder added with iron oxide and ferrous oxide. It has saturated blue light black, very high hiding power and great tinting strength, but it is not as good as carbon black; the effect on sunlight and atmosphere is very stable; it is resistant to all alkalis It is soluble in acid and has strong magnetic properties. It is easily oxidized to red iron oxide when calcined in the presence of sufficient air.

Iron oxide black is a green and environmentally friendly pigment with saturated blue ink black, high hiding power, strong tinting strength and good light resistance, weather resistance, rust and ultraviolet resistance, especially as cement. The colorant and pulverization accelerator are very suitable for the coloring of outdoor buildings or equipment, and can ensure bright colors for a long time; it is easy to be oxidized when exposed to high temperature, and will not cause any environmental pollution during use, and iron oxide black can Blends perfectly with most solvents and media for ease of use.

The ultra-fine iron oxide black pigment is very easy to disperse under high-speed mixing, which significantly reduces the dispersion cost, so it can be widely used in high-concentration colorants.

Ptma tech iron oxide black is more widely used:

1. The materials used for high precision grinding are mainly reflected in;

2. It is used for optical glass polishing of precision hardware instruments;

3. It is used for the coloring of paint and ink, construction cement (the ratio of iron oxide black and cement is 2-4%), and watercolor oil paint;

4. It is used for steel flaw detection in electronic and telecommunications manufacturing, magnetic steel, battery, and machinery industries.

PTMA TECH is a provider of  admixture for construction mortar, coatings & paints and concrete, plastic chemicals, which has three plants with R&D……
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