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Cellulose Ethers HPMC Thickener in Wall Putty Powder

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Cellulose Ethers HPMC in Wall Putty Powder

Cellulose Ethers | HPMC | Wall Putty Powder

In the Wall Putty Powder, HPMC plays three roles of thickening, water retention and construction workability.

Thickening: Cellulose HPMC can thicken to suspend and keep the solution evenly up and down, and resist sagging.
Water retention: Make the putty powder dry slower, and help the gray calcium react under the action of water.

Workabiliy: cellulose HPMC has a lubricating effect, making the wall putty powder have good construction workability.

HPMC does not participate in any chemical reaction, only plays an auxiliary role.

Adding water to the wall putty powder and putting it on the wall is a chemical reaction.

Because new substances are generated, remove the putty powder from the wall and grind it into a powder and use it again. ).


The main components of gray calcium powder are: a mixture of Ca (OH) 2, CaO and a small amount of CaCO3,


CaO + H2O = Ca (OH) 2-Ca (OH) 2 + CO2 = CaCO3 ↓ + H2O

 gray calcium in water and air Under the action of CO2, calcium carbonate is produced, and HPMC only retains water, and assists in the better reaction of gray calcium, which itself does not participate in any reaction.

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