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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose HEC Thickener for Water Soluble Powder Coatings

In building construction,HEC is used as thickening agent and cohesive agent to improve the fluidity and workability, increase initial gelling strength and avoid cracking.
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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose HEC Thickener for Water Soluble Powder Coatings

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Ether HEC

This Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Ether HEC is a white or slightly yellow odorless, tasteless and easy-flowing powder. The 40-mesh sieving rate is ≥99%; softening temperature: 135-140°C; apparent density: 0.35-0.61g/ml; decomposition temperature: 205-210°C; Burning speed is slow; equilibrium temperature content: 23℃; 6% at 50%rh, 29% at 84%rh.
It is soluble in cold water and hot water, and is generally insoluble in most organic solvents. The viscosity change is small in the range of 2-12 PH value, but the viscosity decreases beyond this range.

As a non-ionic surfactant, hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC has the following properties in addition to thickening, suspending, bonding, floating, film-forming, dispersing, water-retaining and providing protective colloids:
1. HEC is soluble in hot or cold water, and does not precipitate at high temperature or boiling, making it have a wide range of solubility and viscosity characteristics, and non-thermal gelation;
2. It is non-ionic and can coexist with a wide range of other water-soluble polymers, surfactants, and salts. It is an excellent colloidal thickener containing high-concentration electrolyte solutions;
3. The water retention capacity is twice that of methyl cellulose, and it has better flow regulation.
4. Compared with the recognized methylcellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, the dispersing ability of HEC is poor, but it has strong protective colloid ability.
Solution and preparation method
1. Add a specified amount of clean water to the container;
2. Add hydroxyethyl cellulose under low-speed stirring, stir until all the hydroxyethyl cellulose, and stir until all the materials are completely wet;
3. Stir until all the hydroxyethyl cellulose is completely dissolved, then add the other components of the formula and mix well.

Generally used as thickeners, protective agents, adhesives, stabilizers and additives for the preparation of emulsions, gels, ointments, lotions, eye cleaners, suppositories and tablets, and also used as hydrophilic gels, framework materials, Preparation of matrix-type sustained-release preparations and other functions.

HEC works as a thickener in powder form coatings, which makes the coatings with better suspending and stability than the HPMC.

25 kg/bag in moisture-proof packaging, store in a cool and dry place, open the bag and use it. If there is any leftover, please seal it to prevent moisture.

The recommended service life of the product is 12 months.

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