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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose HEC

In building construction,HEC is used as thickening agent and cohesive agent to improve the fluidity and workability, increase initial gelling strength and avoid cracking.
  • H3,H6

  • PTMA

  • 3912390

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose HEC


PTMA-HEC is a kind of non-ion aqueous agglomerate,white powder, no odor no taste,soluble in both hot and cool water,dissolving faster with temperature rising,usually insoluble in most organic solvents,with good PH stability,its viscosity varies little within PH2-12.


HEC offers strong water affinity and water-holding, its water solution has surfactant ability, and its thick product owns high plasticity. HEC can be made into colorless, transparent, aqueous film with medium strength which is hard to pollute,is not to be effected by light. HEC after surface treatment disperses in water, does not conglomerate,but dissolving slowly; fast dissolving may be got by adjusting PH to 8-10.


HEC is used in industry as agents of dispersing,water-holding, thickening, suspending, film-forming, stabilizing etc.For example,in emulsion coating,it plays a role of dispersing and protecting gels,enhancing reaction stability of agglomerate system,ensuring homogeneous distribution of pigment and stuffing, and providing effect of thickening, improving fluidity.


In petroleum exploitation,it is used as stabilizer and thickening agent, lubricating agent for well drilling,completing and consolidating to give slurry a good fluidity and stability.


In building construction,used as thickening agent and cohesive agent to improve the fluidity and workability, increase initial gelling strength and avoid cracking. Used in brushing and cohering plaster,it may obviously raise water-holding and coherence strength.Used in daily-use articles such as toothpaste it gives the article a good physical and chemical property,making it good in shape,long period of storage, hard be dry and permeated.


In skin and hair protective articles,it can increase material density, adding lubrication and smoothness.Besides,it finds wide application in ink, textile dyeing & printing,paper making, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture,forestry etc.


Package and Storage

net weight 25kg /bag, packed in paper-plastic compound bag or plastic-coated bag lined with plastic bag.

Prevent sunshine,keep away from fire and wet.

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