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HPMC HEMC MC Cellulose Ethers for Building Materials

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Ether HPMC Admixture for Construction Mortar - Cellulose ethers can be agent of water retention, thickening, adhesive, and dispersing, as well as a agent of protective colloid, stabilizer, suspension and film forming in construction mortar : Tile glue, bond, adhesive mortar, wall putty, repair mortar, finishing mortar, plaster mortar, and so on.
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  • PTMA

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HPMC HEMC MC Cellulose Ethers for Building Materials

Methyl cellulose (MC), hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), and hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose (HEMC) are non-ionic made from natural polymer material cellulose through a series of chemical processing Type cellulose ether.

They have water-soluble, water-retaining, non-ionic, stable pH, surface activity, temperature reversible gelation, thickening, adhesion, film-forming properties, lubricity, and mildew resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in thickening, gelling, suspension, dispersion stability, water retention, and improving workability.

Methyl cellulose (MC), hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), and hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose (HEMC) are widely used in building materials, coatings, synthetic resins, ceramics, medicine, food, textiles, agriculture, and cosmetics , Tobacco and other industries.

This product has the characteristics of high water retention rate, good flowability, dense fineness, good workability, convenient dissolution, etc.: used in dry mortar building materials, water-resistant putty powder (paste) for interior and exterior walls, adhesives, caulking agents, interface agents , Water-based paint, self-leveling agent, plaster and other new building materials.

In cement and gypsum-based building materials, cellulose ether is an indispensable additive.

After adding MC, HPMC, HEMC, the following performance can be improved:
A. Enhance water retention and improve the phenomenon of poor hardening and cracking caused by too fast drying and insufficient hydration of cement and gypsum building materials;
B. The increased plasticity of the mortar improves the workability of construction and improves work efficiency;
C. Due to the improved plasticity of mortar, it can better bond the substrate and the bonded object;
D. Due to its thickening effect, it can prevent slippage of mortar and bonded objects during construction.

Construction Mortar :  Ceramic Tile Mortar, Joint Filler, Wall Putty, Wall Skim Coat, Surface Mortar, Waterproof Mortar


N.W.: 25±0.25kg / bag; Inner: PE plastic film bag, Outer: PP woven bag; 

ApplicationViscosity, mPa.sDosage
Interior Wall Skim Coat40000, 60000, 1000003-5 kg/ton
Exterior Wall Skim Coat60000, 1000004- 7 kg/ton
Adhesive Mortar60000, 1000002.5-4 kg/ton
Masonry Mortar80000, 1000002.5-4 kg/ton
Machine Spray Mortar6000, 100003-5 kg/ton
Decorative / Finishing Mortar6000, 200001-2.5 kg/ton
ETIFS80000, 1000004 -6 kg/ton
Gypsum Plaster20000, 30000, 400001.5-2 kg/ton
Joint Filler / Adhesive Gypsum40000, 600002-3 kg/ton
Machine Spray Gypsum4000, 6000, 200001.5-3 kg/ton
Flooring4001-1.5 kg/ton

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