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Wood Fiber

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Wood Fiber

Wood fiber is made from plants as the main raw material and processed by a series of technologies, and its performance is different from cellulose ether. The main properties are:

(1) Insoluble in water and solvents, and insoluble in weak acid and weak alkaline solutions

(2) When used in mortar, it will overlap into a three-dimensional structure in a static state, increase the thixotropy and sag resistance of the mortar, and improve the workability.

(3) Because of the three-dimensional structure of wood fiber, it has "water-locking" performance in the mixed mortar, and the water in the mortar will not be easily absorbed or removed. But it does not have the high water retention of cellulose ether.

(4) The good capillary effect of wood fiber has the function of "water-conducting" in the mortar, so that the surface and internal water content of the mortar tends to be consistent, thereby reducing the cracks caused by uneven shrinkage.

(5) Wood fiber can reduce the deformation stress of the hardened mortar and reduce the occurrence of shrinkage and cracking of the mortar.

(6) The long-term performance change rule of wood fiber in mortar is not clear.

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