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Water-based Matte Anti-scratch Resin in Coat

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Water-based Matte Anti-scratch Resin in Coat

Water-based matte anti-scratch resin, carefully selected various isocyanates and polyols with special properties, and accurately measured, strictly control the production process and process conditions, and supplemented with special materials after compounding and modifying, the synthesized polycarbonate type The water-based polyurethane resin emulsion, complex process and special materials bring some very special and excellent properties to the water-based matte scratch-resistant resin.   1. Matte: Water-based matte anti-scratch resin. It is a fully matte film-forming water-based PU resin emulsion with very high matte gloss and less than 2° gloss;  

2. Anti-scratch: Water-based matte anti-scratch resin has excellent scratch resistance, friction and scratches will not cause whitening or damage to the coating film; 

3. Can write: Water-based matte anti-scratch resin has the scratch resistance and abrasion resistance, which is different from the scratch resistance of ordinary silicone slip agents. The water-based matte anti-scratch resin satisfies the scratch resistance. It is still recoatable, and the ballpoint pen can be used for writing and hot stamping without affecting the subsequent hot stamping and other processes;  

4. Good film-forming properties and high elongation: Although the traditional matte velvet-feeling water-based polyurethane resin is also a fully matte product, the coating is harder and more brittle, the film-forming property is poor, and the water-based matte scratch-resistant resin is completely different. With the traditional matte velvet resin, he combines the ultra-high matte degree and excellent film-forming properties with great elongation, completely overturning the shortcomings of the traditional water-based matte velvet resin;  

5. Good adhesion: water-based matte anti-scratch resin is excellent in leather, special paper, art paper, white cardboard, art paper, double offset paper after offset printing, BOPP film, PET film, etc. Adhesion 

6. Can be diluted with water: water-based matte anti-scratch resin, which is a pure water-based environmentally friendly product;  

7. Has a certain velvety feel and dry slippery: water-based matte anti-scratch resin, with a slight velvet feel, more dry and slippery, if you want to make a pure velvet feel water-based touch oil, you can add water-based matte Use together with velvet touch anti-scratch polyurethane resin emulsion DL-1109 to improve the scratch resistance of water-based touch oil;

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