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VAE Redispersible Polymer Powder RDP Polymer Binder/ Latex Powder

Redispersible latex powder Polymer Binder (RDP) is a water-soluble redispersible powder. This RDP powder can be quickly dispersed into an emulsion after contact with water. It is used in construction mortar: wall putty, wall skim coat, adhesive mortar, repair mortar, thermal insulation. ..
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VAE Redispersible Latex Powder Polymer Binder Powder

RDP Product
VAE redispersible latex powder is a free-flowing powder formed by spray drying of VAE emulsion. It is a water-soluble redispersible powder. With polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid, it can be easily redispersed in water to form a stable emulsion. Has the original superior performance of VAE emulsion. By adding powder, the performance of mortar with cement or gypsum as the substrate can meet the needs of various constructions and constructions, and it is widely used as a bonding agent for construction materials and adhesives.

When the dry powder mortar added with VAE redispersible powder is stirred with water, the polymer particles disperse on their own and do not stick to the cement. Due to the lubrication effect between the VAE redispersible powder particles, the components of the mortar can flow independently. VAE redispersible latex powder introduces air into the mortar, giving the mortar compressibility, so it can improve the workability of the mortar. When the redispersible emulsion loses moisture, it can form a highly flexible and cohesive polymer film, which can improve the mortar's cohesive ability and cohesion, increase the bending strength, and significantly improve the mortar.

RDP specification
Appearance: white powder
Protective colloid: polyvinyl alcohol
Solid content (wt%): 99±1%
Ash content (wt%): 10±2%
PH: 7
Glass transition temperature (tg, onset, ℃): -15±5


Tile adhesive
Bonding mortar for external insulation system of external wall
Plastering mortar for exterior insulation system
Tile jointing agent
Self-flowing cement mortar
Flexible putty for inner and outer walls
Flexible anti-crack mortar
Rubber powder polystyrene particle insulation mortar
Dry powder coating
Polymer mortar products with higher requirements for flexibility


It has very outstanding bonding strength, improves the flexibility of the mortar and has a long opening time, giving the mortar excellent alkali resistance, improving the adhesion/adhesion of the mortar, flexural strength, waterproofing, flexibility, plasticity, and wear resistance In addition to its performance and workability, it has greater flexibility in flexible crack-resistant mortar.

Packaging and Storage
It should be stored in a cool and dry place. The recommended period of use is six months. Please use it as early as possible in summer. If it is stored in a place with high temperature and humidity, it will increase the probability of agglomeration. Please use it once after opening the bag. After finishing, otherwise the bag mouth must be sealed to avoid absorbing moisture from the air. International standard 25kg/bag.

Functions in Wet Mortar

Improve construction performance;
Improve flow performance;
Increase thixotropy and sag resistance;  
Improve cohesion;  
Extended opening hours;
Enhance water retention.

The role of mortar after curing

Improve tensile strength;  
Increase bending strength;
Reduce the modulus of elasticity;  
Improve deformability;  
Increase material density;  
Increase wear resistance;  
Improve cohesive strength;
Reduce the depth of carbonization;  
Reduce material water absorption;  
Make the material have excellent water-reinforcement (add water-repellent latex powder)

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