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VAE Redispersible Polymer Powder RDP Admixture Applications

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VAE Redispersible Polymer Powder RDP Admixtures Application

RDP polymer powders' Main Applications 

  • Exterior Insulation System Mortar,

  • Ceramic Tile Joint Filler,

  • Surface Treatment Mortar,

  • Putty Powders

  • Adhesive/ Plaster, 

  • Self-leveling Mortar, 

  • Masonry Mortar, 

  • Waterproofing Mortar .

Features in Using

This VAE Re-disperisible Polymer Powder RDP Admixture functions in dry mix mortar:

1. Improve the compressive strength and bending strength of mortar ;

2. Increase the mortar extensibility, improving the shock resistance toughness  of mortar and taking fine flexural strength to mortar.

3.make the mortar strong adhesive, easy to adsorb and disperse on adhesive surface. At the same time , this article with certain permeability , working with cellulose ether, laying on surface of substrate materials , make substrate and plaster similar on surface property. And then increase the adhesive and total property.

4. Lower the modulus elasticity of mortar,improve its deformation and reduce cracking problem.

5.Increase the wear resistance of mortar, by improve the adhesive of substrate material and cement hydration products.

6. Improve the acid and alkali resistance, and weathering property. 

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