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Self-leveling Cement Masterbatch

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The self-leveling cement masterbatch is a dry-mixed powdery material composed of multiple active ingredients, which can be used with on-site mixing with cement , sand and water.

After a slight spread of the scraper, you can get a high level of base surface. The self-leveling cement hardens fast. It can be walked on after 4-5 hours, and surface construction (such as wood floor, diamond board, etc.) can be carried out after 24 hours. The fast and simple construction is unmatched by traditional manual leveling.

Features: safe, pollution-free, beautiful, fast construction


Guiding formula for self-leveling cement masterbatch

600 kg cement + 400 kg sand (medium sand, fine sand) + 40 kg masterbatch 

Remarks: Cement: OPC 425

Packaging and storage:

 Packed in kraft paper bag, 20kg/bag;

It should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place indoors

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