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Rutile Titanium Dioxide

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Rutile Titanium Dioxide

Rutile titanium dioxide is a kind of rutile titanium dioxide with high pulverization resistance by adopting advanced hue and particle size control technology, zirconium, silicon and aluminum for multi-composite inorganic coating and special organic treatment agent for surface modification. An application field with special requirements for weather resistance.

Main features:

High weather resistance: used in high temperature, strong light and high salt spray environment, durable, not easy to yellow and chalk; dispersibility: good wettability during use, easy to grind; low oil absorption: in the application process of coatings and inks Maintain good liquidity in the medium.

Application range: various decorative paints; architectural coatings (outdoor use); automotive topcoats; plastic profiles.

Related points of rutile titanium dioxide:

Stability of titanium liquid: stability is also called stability, which means that in the production of titanium dioxide, titanium liquid has a tendency to hydrolyze early and precipitate white colloidal particles when conditions change. The strength of this tendency is called titanium The stability of the liquid. The characteristic that shows the strength of this tendency is called the stability of the titanium solution.

Early hydrolysis of titanium liquid: Generally speaking, from the acid hydrolysis to before the late hydrolysis, the titanium liquid should not contain the two colloidal particles of metatitanic acid and orthotitanic acid, but sometimes in the leaching, reduction, During transportation and storage, due to improper operation or changes in conditions, the above two white colloidal substances appear in the titanium liquid. This phenomenon is called the early hydrolysis of the titanium liquid.

Acidolysis rate: The percentage of the total amount of soluble titanium salt in the solution (calculated as TiO2) to the total amount of titanium (calculated as TiO2) in the ilmenite cast is called the acidolysis rate. The total titanium content in the solution acid decomposition rate (%) = (total titanium content in the solution / total titanium content in the mineral powder) * 100.

Residue of titanium solution: After decomposing ilmenite with sulfuric acid, the solution obtained by leaching is a turbid and complicated system. This solution has both the properties of a true solution and a colloidal solution. It contains not only soluble sulfates based on titanium and iron, but also insoluble, large particles of suspended mechanical impurities and smaller particles. Colloid impurities with higher stability. The latter two insoluble solid impurities are called the residue of titanium liquid.

Fe-Ti ratio: The ratio of the total iron content and the total TiO2 content in the titanium solution is called the iron-titanium ratio, and its formula is as follows: Total Fe content (g/l) Iron-titanium ratio = total Fe content (g/l) / total TiO2 content ( g/l) The ratio of iron to titanium has a certain influence on the particle size and structure of metatitanic acid in the hydrolysate. Therefore, in the production of titanium dioxide, especially in the production of coating titanium dioxide, it must be controlled within a certain range of iron-titanium ratio.

Concentration of the titanium liquid; the water in the titanium liquid is a solvent and is volatile, while the titanyl sulfate, titanium sulfate and ferrous sulfate in the titanium liquid are solutes and are not volatile. With the help of heating, the solvent (water) in the titanium liquid is gradually vaporized and volatilized and eliminated, so that the concentration of the solute gradually increases. This process is called concentration.

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