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Redispersible Polymer Latex Powder

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Redispersible Polymer Latex Powder

Product description
RDP Redispersible latex powder, multi-functional rubber powder, is a water-soluble redispersible powder, a multi-component polymer such as ethylene/polyvinyl acetate/acrylic acid, and a compound rubber powder with functional additives, containing water-retaining agent and water-repellent agent.
Physical and chemical performance specifications
Application range
·Exterior & interior wall putty powder
·Exterior & interior  wall tile adhesive mortar
·Exterior & interior  wall plastering mortar
· Bonding mortar
·Special function mortar
Net weight 25kg (±1%)
Store in dry environment below 30℃
Shelf Life
For half a year, if the shelf life is exceeded, but there is no caking phenomenon, you can continue to use it
After opening, the unused rubber powder must be sealed to avoid moisture from air contact

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