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RDP VAE Polymer Powder

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RDP VAE Polymer Powder

RDP vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymer is a strong water-based adhesive, with many specialties: high initial adhesion, excellent heat creep resistance, good water resistance, good alkali resistance, high viscosity, safe operation Sex. The main uses are: EVA latex can be applied to a wider range of adhesive materials than polyvinyl acetate latex, especially suitable for the adhesion of PVC leather; in addition, it can also be used as an adhesive for various plastic films and porous substrates, and plastic films such as polyvinylidene chloride Ethylene, cellulose acetate, polystyrene, porous substrates such as paper, wood, cotton cloth, fiberboard and PU foam. It can also be widely used in civil engineering and construction as cement adhesive reinforcement and cement waterproofing agent.

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