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Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder PVA

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder PVA
Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) powders 24-88P and 17-88P polymer powders are particularly suitable as additives for building mortars. They improve the flexibility of mortars, retain water, and increase the viscosity of mortars. In addition, they can reduce the friction of mortar, thereby enhancing work efficiency and quality. (Prevent cracking and falling off of the plaster layer, increase adhesion strength and smoothness.) Polyvinyl alcohol is a fine-grained polymer that is easy to disperse in cold water. The powder can be quickly dispersed in water to improve the characteristics of building materials.


Capillary function.
Polyvinyl alcohol powder (PVA) is used in various dry powder putties in powder chemical building materials, additives in dry powder mortar, as well as tile adhesives, plastered plaster adhesives, etc., which can effectively increase the adhesion and flow of cement and mortar It can slow down the drying time of the cement surface, increase the adaptability of the painter, and prevent the cracking of the cement coating. It is suitable for wall, ceiling whitewashing and ceramic tile bonding. It is easy to use and has excellent effect.

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