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Polycarboxylate Macro Monomer for Concrete Products

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    Polycarboxylate Macro Monomer

    High performance polycarboxylate water reducer / superplasticizer

    PTMA-108 is new complex material of high performance polycarboxylate water reducer rearched&developed by ptmatech.

High performance polycarboxylate water reducer has passed testing and checking by authorized organization and fully conform with polycarboxylate water reducer standard JG/T 223-2007 and requirement of high performance concrete passenger transportation special line temporary technical conditions.

Properties in concrete products

  • High active catalyst&special synthesis technical process

  • High double bond rentention rate&low cost

  • Excellent adaptability to cement

  • 1.1% F-108(22%)is added in concrete,water reducing rate is above 30%.

  • Improving early strength&strength after 28days Compressive strength 1day≥180 3days≥170 7days≥160 28days≥150

  • Greatly reducing W/B ratio,shrinkage and creep,improving durability

  • Low slump loss,slump retention index ≥190mm

  • Complying with ISO14001:2004 certification,content of chloride ion≤0.1%

Ptma tech supplys construction grade concrete admixtures for concrete works, for more information, contact us!

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