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PTMATECH Additive Defoamer in Dry-Mixed Mortar IV

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PTMATECH Additive Defoamer in Dry-Mixed Mortar IV

The addition of cellulose, starch ether and polymer materials undoubtedly increases the air-entraining properties of the mortar, which affects the compressive strength, flexural strength and bonding strength of the mortar, and reduces its elastic modulus; On the other hand, it also has a great impact on the appearance of the mortar, and it is very necessary to eliminate the bubbles introduced in the mortar. At present, imported dry powder defoamers are mainly used in China to solve this problem, but it must be noted that due to the high viscosity of commercial mortar, the elimination of bubbles is not a very easy task.

PTMA TECH is a provider of  admixture for construction mortar, coatings & paints and concrete, plastic chemicals, which has three plants with R&D……
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