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PTMATECH Additive Construction Admixture of Dry-Mixed Mortar I

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PTMATECH Additive Construction Admixture of  Dry-Mixed Mortar  I

 Dry-mixed mortar is a combination of cementitious materials (cement, fly ash, slag powder, etc.), special graded fine aggregates (quartz sand, emery, etc.). Sometimes lightweight aggregates such as ceramsite and foamed polystyrene are required. Granules, expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, etc.) and admixtures are mixed uniformly according to a certain mixing ratio, and then packaged in bags, drums or in bulk in a dry powder state.


According to the purpose, there are many kinds of commercial mortars, including dry mortar for masonry, dry mortar for plastering, dry mortar for ground, special dry mortar for waterproofing, heat preservation, etc. In summary, dry-mix mortar can be divided into two types: ordinary dry-mix mortar (masonry, plastering and ground dry-mix mortar) and special dry-mix mortar. Special dry-mixed mortars include: self-leveling ground mortar, wear-resistant floor materials, non-fire and wear-resistant floors, inorganic caulking agents, waterproof mortar, resin plastering mortar, concrete surface protection materials, color plastering mortar, etc.


Such a large number of dry-mixed mortars require different kinds of additives with different action mechanisms to match each other, and a large number of tests can be used to prepare them. Compared with traditional admixtures for concrete, dry-mix mortar admixtures can only be used in powder form, and secondly, they can be dissolved in cold water or gradually dissolve under the action of alkali to exert their due effect.

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