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Natural Gravel Paint Stone Like Paint

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Natural gravel paint
Scope of application: suitable for indoor and outdoor brick walls, concrete and cement walls, etc.
Product features: non-toxic and environmentally friendly, with good weather resistance, strong natural stone texture, good adhesion, and resistance to paint.
Product base material: silicone modified acrylic copolymer
State in the container: no lumps, uniform state after mixing.
The appearance of coating film: normal
Alkali resistance: (48h) no abnormality
Paint consumption: thin 3-5kg/㎡ thick 5-7kg/㎡ (theoretical value)
Drying time: (temperature 25℃, relative humidity 70%) surface dry 2h, hard dry 24h
Artificial aging resistance: chalking level 0, discoloration level 1 (250 hours)
Construction method: spray 1-2 times
Standard packaging: 35kg/barrel
Shelf life: 12 months
Surface treatment: The surface of the wall must be fully dry during construction, free of grease, dust, and loose floating matter. Remove the powdered and loose base layer of the wall, and fill the uneven surface with high-quality exterior wall putty. After it is dry, smooth it with fine sandpaper, remove the dust and loose floating matter left after polishing, and use Jinqili brand Back cover with alkali-resistant primer to enhance adhesion and alkali resistance.
Note: This product must be fully stirred before construction. You can add water about 5% in an appropriate amount. Construction temperature>5℃, wall temperature <10%, wall PH value <10, and the construction environment is free of frost, fog, and rain. , Storage temperature 0℃-35℃, store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight and freezing.

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