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Modified Polycarboxylic Ether PCE based Superplasticizer

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Modified Polycarboxylic Ether based Superplasticizer

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer [PCE] is a new generation superplasticizer with high slump retention performance developed by the most advanced synthetic technology, a green environmentally product with good comprehensive index and no pollution, without toxic and infectious substances, no corrosives, and no precipitant.

Mixing Process
Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer must preferably be added in the mixing water and in case of premix concrete where the product can be added on fresh concrete and in a mixing truck, it is necessary to mix at a high speed for about 6 - 8 minutes.

PCE Superplasticizer APPLICATION

Premix Dry MortarConcrete System
Self-leveling MortarPrecast Concrete
Cementitious BinderHigh Water Reduce Concrete
Repair Mortar Precast Concrete
Joint FillerSteaming Curing Concrete
Gypsum BoardSpray Concrete Mortar

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