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Magnesium aluminum silicate

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Magnesium aluminum silicate is used as stabilizer, suspending agent, thickener in polishing agent, lubricant, water-based paint, lithium battery, engineering plastics and other fields. The product is in the form of small white flakes or powder with a fine particle size of up to 325 mesh. Tasteless and odorless. It can expand into colloidal dispersion in water.

Magnesium aluminum silicate is thixotropic and can protect colloids:

1-Prevent the hardening of suspended substance products.
2-Control moisture. When the suspension tends to settle, it is easy to redisperse.
3-Make the product get a uniform dose.
4-Suspend the product without compromising its pourability.
5-Improve the suspension, the product is easy to redisperse
Reduce the adhesiveness and adhesion, and can improve the appearance and consistency of the glue solution.

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