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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose HEC for Latex Paint

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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose  HEC for Latex Paint

PTMA - HEC is a kind of non-ionic water-soluble cellulose ether products, widely used in architectural coatings, petroleum, medicine,    daily chemical and other industries, with a thickening, bonding, emulsification, dispersion and stable effect, and can keep moisture and form a thin film and provide protective colloid effect, soluble in cold water and hot water, can provide a wider range viscosity  solution.

Latex paint

HEC can provide pseudoplastic and wide compatibility, and wide range of color paint, latex, surface active agent, emulsifying agent, defoaming agent and antiseptic matching use.


1. Good show color:it has good compatibility with other components

2. Rheological modifier: with pseudoplastic or increase the viscosity of the coating

3. Viscosity stability: good viscosity stability

4. Water retention: good water retention performance and opening time

Package : 25kg/bag

Shelf Life : two years

Store in dry and cool environment .

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