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How to spread tile adhesive

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This article is about how to spread tile adhesive on a floor or on a wall. 

Before starting your ceramic tile project, we recommend you to understand the main techniques and tools needed to get the job done in a professional manner. Therefore, you have to know how to spread the glue for tile floors and walls, as to distribute it in an even layer on the whole surface, otherwise the tiles might get loose from the adhesive. Nevertheless, this technique isn’t very complex, but it requires knowledge and you have to practice quite a bit to master it as a qualified professional.

First of all you have to prepare the sub-floor, before spreading the thin-set. Therefore, fill the cracks and vacuum the residues and other particles. In addition, use a large level to check if the floor is perfectly horizontal. If needed, you have to pour a thin layer of self-leveling compound to make it horizontal.

Next, you have to buy the tile adhesive, according to your needs. On one hand, you could purchase powder thinset (based on cement), which is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas, or could go for glue adhesive (easier to mix, but it doesn’t resist against water). If you read our step by step guide, you will find the needed tips and tricks to lay the tiles properly.

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In order to spread tile adhesive, you need the following:

Adhesive for ceramic tiles

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