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How to make glue from PVA polyvinyl alcohol

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How to make glue from polyvinyl alcohol ?
Polyvinyl alcohol
The industrial raw material polyvinyl alcohol is a very good organic compound. Its shape is a white powdery solid. It can be easily dissolved in water, and the higher the water temperature, the higher the solubility. It is especially suitable for making glue, adhesive and emulsifier. Polyvinyl alcohol is harmful. Inhalation and ingestion are harmful to the body, irritating to the eyes, flammable and irritating. We should pay attention in the process of use.

Polyvinyl alcohol is divided into low viscosity, medium viscosity, and high viscosity according to the viscosity:

Low viscosity: Viscosity 4.07.0 PH value 58 Average molecular weight 1600020000
Medium viscosity: Viscosity 4.07.0 PH value 58 Average molecular weight 1600020000
High viscosity: viscosity 40.065.0 PH value 58 Average molecular weight 180,000200,000

Finishing 801 glue formula hopes to help glue production enterprises:

Polyvinyl alcohol: 10-12 kg; tap water: 100-150 kg; acrylamide: 10-12 kg amine persulfate (initiator): 22-80 g; formaldehyde 0.5 kg

Glue production process:
1. Add 100~150 kg of water to the reaction kettle and heat up. When the temperature reaches about 55℃, start the mixer and add 10~12 kg of polyvinyl alcohol, continue to heat up. When the temperature reaches about 98℃, stop the heating and keep stirring until The polyvinyl alcohol is completely dissolved, 0.5 kg of formaldehyde is added and stirred well.

2. Add 10~12 kg of acrylamide under stirring (10~12 kg of acrylamide should be hydrated with 40 kg), stir well
3. When adjusting the temperature to 62~70℃, slowly add 22~80g of initiator ammonium persulfate while stirring (22~80g of ammonium persulfate should be dissolved in 400~480g of water first), and stir evenly.
Polyvinyl alcohol glue is not only made in this way, but also has a lot of formulas. Here is also for everyone. If you are interested in this aspect, you can continue to find relevant information and do further research. If you have more For good technology, you can contact us,
In addition, remind everyone that the storage method of PVA should be placed in a dry, well-ventilated room, pay attention to moisture, avoid exposure to sunlight and rain.

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