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HPS Starch Ethers for Building Materials

Hydroxypropyl Starch Ethers HPS for Consrtuction Materials
HPS (Construction Grade) can improve the performance of dry mortar based on cement and gypsum, such as the workability, slip resistance and thickening.
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HPS Starch Ethers for Building Materials

Starch Etheris / HPS is one kind of white fine powder. It’s made from natural plant through modification and high etherification reaction and then spraying and drying. It doesn’t contain any plasticizer, used in construction mortar & concrete as a water retention agent.    

Technical Specification
appearance: white fine powder
PH value: alkaline 9-11 (3.75% aqueous solution)
Solubility: soluble in cold water
Fine degree: less than 350m
Viscosity: 400-1200mpas (5% aqueous solution)
Compatibility with materials: good compatibility with other building material additives
Water and others: less than 5%

Application characteristics:
Very good rapid thickening ability; medium viscosity, with a certain water retention; small dosage, very low addition can achieve very good results; improve the material's own sag resistance (sag resistance); very good The lubricity can improve the operation performance of the material and make the operation more smooth.

Used in the following materials:
Various types (cement, gypsum, gray calcium base) of internal and external wall putty; various types (tiles, stone) adhesive; various decorative mortar and various plastering mortar.

Starch Ether hps can be used cooperatively with Cellulose Ether(MCHPMCHEMC series), it can play a role of thickening, promoting0 structure inside, it has a better anti-cracking, anti-flow and workability performance.

The higher proportion of Methyl Cellulose Ether, the higher viscosity of mortar, binder, plastering and interface agent, etc. The amount of Cellulose Ether consumption can be reduced obviously by adding Starch Ether.

Package and Dosage:

Package: 25kg/bagRecommended dosage: 0.05-0.1and can reduce Cellulose Ether by 0.1.



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