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HEC Cellulose Ether Thickener for Colorful Paint

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HEC Cellulose Ether Thickener for Colorful Paint
 Colorful paint is mainly used for imitation stone paint, also known as liquid stone, also called imitation granite exterior wall paint. It is composed of incompatible two-phase components. One phase of the dispersion medium is the continuous phase, and the other phase is the dispersed phase. During painting, luxurious, beautiful and colorful patterns can be obtained by one-time spraying. After coating, due to unevenness and dispersion, a variety of color patterns can be obtained, strong three-dimensional sense, excellent gloss.

Main functions of hec in colorful paint : protection, decoration, concealing the defects of products and other special functions, and enhancing the value of products.
Hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC is used in water latex paint, architectural paint, latex paint:

Recommended hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC:PT-H3-30000CPS, PT-H6-60000CPS

After proper surface treatment, the cellulose ether HEC can effectively prevent agglomeration during dissolution and be fully dispersed. Sufficient dissolution time and viscosity increasing speed can simplify the production process; the modified cellulose ether hec also has good anti-mold properties, provides sufficient storage time to effectively prevent pigment and filler sedimentation.

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