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Gypsum Retarder for Plastering Mortar Additive

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Gypsum Retarder is a new type protein based high efficiency gypsum retarder, has super retarding effect with smaller dosage. It can adjust the gypsum products’ setting time freely by customers’ various needs. It helps gypsum and plaster products to have few strength loss rate after gypsum hardened.



GR-12 is a special designed for desulphurization gypsum, can be apply to plaster gypsum, plaster adhesive, plaster precast, gypsum filler, gypsum model, and gypsum decorating coating. By using this agent , the working time of the gypsum can be prolonged for an hour or hours on demands. It helps more to adjust the setting time and density of gypsum paste optionally combined with our Super-Plasticizer together.

Mixing Process


GR-12 is a white powder agent with good fluidity, which can be mixed and dispersed well with gypsum, either by spiral mixing or grinding.

Recommended Dosage :  0.05-0.1% (1h-setting time for reference) The setting time will be prolonged by dosage increasing. As effect will be different by different gypsum, it should test before large production.

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