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Guar Gum Ether

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Guar Gum Ether

Guar gum ether is a starch ether with special properties that is modified from natural guar beans. It is mainly caused by the etherification reaction between guar gum and acrylic functional group to produce a structure containing 2-hydroxypropyl functional group, which is a polygalactomannose structure.

(1) Compared with cellulose ether, guar gum ether is more soluble in water. The performance of pH guar ether is basically not affected.

(2) Under the condition of low viscosity and low dosage, guar gum can replace cellulose ether in equal amount, and has similar water retention. However, the consistency, sag resistance, and thixotropy are significantly improved.

(3) Guar gum cannot replace cellulose ether under the conditions of high viscosity and high content. The mixed use of the two will produce more excellent performance.

(4) Guar gum used in gypsum-based mortar can significantly reduce the adhesion during construction and make the construction smoother. It has no adverse effect on the setting time and strength of gypsum mortar.

(5) Guar gum can be used in cement-based masonry and plastering mortar to replace cellulose ether in equal amounts, and give the mortar better sag resistance, thixotropy and construction slippery.

(6) Guar gum can also be used in products such as tile adhesives, floor self-leveling agents, water-resistant putty, and polymer mortar for wall insulation.

(7) Since the price of guar gum is significantly lower than that of cellulose ethers, the use of guar gum in mortar will significantly reduce the cost of product formulations.

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