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External wall insulation with decorative mortar Weather resistance research of the system

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External wall insulation with decorative mortar Weather resistance research of the system

This article mainly focuses on the experimental research on the weather resistance of EPS external wall insulation system with decorative mortar as the exterior surface. Correspondingly, a comparative experiment was carried out with three different formulas. The experimental results show that the surface mortar with redispersible polymer powder has excellent water repellency and flexibility, and its weather resistance performance is also the best. The decorative mortar with redispersible powder has gone through the entire weather resistance test, and there is no efflorescence, cracking, bulging, etc.

The external insulation system for external walls has been developed in China for nearly 20 years, and its external finishes are still dominated by coatings. With the increasing demands for the aesthetic performance of external walls, and the safety of external wall tiling systems, there has been no unified conclusion. More and more external wall finishing materials such as real stone paint, texture paint, decorative mortar, and multi-layer color Putty, etc. gradually have a place in the market.

Decorative mortar products and technologies originate from Europe and are widely used in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and other countries. Its decoration features are light and elegant colors, uniform surface unevenness, and three-dimensional texture, giving people a natural, fresh, simple and generous feeling and effect. The reason why decorative mortar has been popular is that its coating is relatively thick and can be processed into various styles of textured surfaces, which gives architects a lot of choice. When sunlight and shadows shine on a textured coating surface, it will also produce a pleasing effect that a flat coating can’t match. At the same time, the use of cement as the main binder makes the price of decorative mortar extremely competitive among bulk materials. As the exterior of the building, decorative mortar must not only give the building rich appearance characteristics, but also form a barrier to protect the building from environmental aggression. These two requirements require that the decorative mortar not only has the function of improving the appearance, but also must have some physical functions, such as preventing the coating from absorbing moisture or water. This article mainly discusses the weather resistance of exterior wall decorative mortar and plastering mortar with hydrophobic redispersible latex powder produced by our company.

Years of research has shown that when the temperature difference reaches 28K, deformation and internal stress of 0.3mm/m will occur, and when the relative humidity drops from 98% to 33%, it will cause deformation and internal stress of 0.6mm/m. The generated thermal stress exceeds the strength of the plastering layer reinforced with glass fiber mesh, and the system will crack. The damp heat load is the most important factor affecting the aging and life of the external wall insulation system. Therefore, the protective layer and facing layer materials used in the external insulation of the external wall are required to have good water repellency and flexibility. This time, the weather resistance experiment for the external wall insulation system with decorative mortar as the exterior surface shows that the plastering mortar with redispersible polymer powder 80 and the decorative mortar with redispersible polymer powderhave good water repellency, flexibility, and excellent substrate properties. Adhesion, thus ensuring the weather resistance of the entire system.

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