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Environmental Protection Latex Paint

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Environmental protection latex paint

Latex paint is composed of emulsions, pigments, fillers, additives, fungicides, and water. To determine whether latex paint is toxic, it mainly depends on whether the raw materials it adds contain toxic ingredients. Shandong Chuangyao Biotechnology will take you to know the ingredients of latex paint:

Let's talk about emulsion first, it is the most important raw material that affects the performance of latex paint, and its appearance is similar to milk. It is made from some petrochemical raw materials such as vinyl acetate, acrylate, styrene, etc., through polymerization chemical reaction in water. Due to the different raw materials and processes used, the emulsions produced have different properties. Its main function is to play the role of bonding, water resistance, alkali resistance and solar aging resistance.
Some inferior architectural coatings, although they are called latex paints, do not use the above-mentioned emulsions at all. Instead, they use chemical raw materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl formal, and even starch as a binder. It is polyvinyl formal, which is often due to the poor synthesis process and contains a large amount of free formaldehyde, which will cause damage.

Next is the pigment. Since most latex paints are white or white-based light colors, titanium dioxide and lithopone (lithopone) are mainly used. These two white pigments are harmless to the human body. Color pigments Most are also harmless to the human body. However, in order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use lead chrome yellow, although the amount is small, it will also bring undesirable consequences.

Filling material, as the name implies, is a filling function, but it is not optional. The filler can enrich the paint film and increase the hiding power. Some also give the latex paint difficult to precipitate and good paintability. Common fillers include calcium carbonate, talc, kaolin (porcelain clay), and barium sulfate (barite powder). Wollastonite powder, etc., these are natural mineral raw materials, which are harmless to the human body.

Regarding additives, due to the large number of ingredients, only the most important ones can be selected from the perspective of environmental protection.
Additives: In order to prevent the latex paint from precipitating during storage and not to flow when painting vertical surfaces, it is necessary to add such additives, usually cellulose ethers. The hydroxyethyl cellulose produced by Shandong Chuangyao Biotechnology has good compatibility with solvents, and its anti-mildew, water retention and thickening properties are higher than those of peer products. It is the first choice for many latex paint manufacturers to choose thickeners. Brand.
Film-forming additives: In order to make the latex paint film dry and extend the construction season even when the temperature is low, manufacturers generally add some such additives, often using polyols and their derivatives.

Latex paint is contaminated by ubiquitous microorganisms during storage or after drying and forming into a film. Coupled with suitable temperature and humidity, it is easy to destroy the paint in the paint bucket, demulsify and produce bad smell, and the paint film will breed mold. Black and fall off.

In order to prevent the growth of microorganisms, manufacturers need to add some fungicides. At present, there are many varieties to choose from. As long as the selection is appropriate and the amount is correct, it will not cause harm to the human body. But it does not rule out the possibility that a few production companies add mercury salt as a fungicide in order to reduce costs.

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