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Effects Of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose HPMC In Putty Powder

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Effects Of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose In Putty Powder And The Influence Of Quality Of Gray Calcium On Putty Powder

 Gray calcium and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose play a major role in putty powder?

1. The influence of gray calcium on putty powder is mainly reflected in the strength of putty powder and whether it can be removed from putty powder. The addition amount of lime calcium with good quality in putty powder is small, the strength is good and it is not easy to remove powder.

1. Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose mainly plays the role of water retention and thickening in putty powder. It can prolong the development time of putty powder and facilitate the construction of putty powder. It has no direct relationship with the phenomenon of powder removal.

 The quality of gray calcium used in the production of putty powder architectural coating is good or bad

1. The content of calcium oxide in gray calcium should not be too high. If the too high calcium oxide in ash calcium powder generates putty powder, the paint will turn yellow and become alkaline after use!!!

2. The higher the content of calcium hydroxide in gray calcium is, the better it is. If the content is too low, the putty powder coating produced will not have enough strength and hardness after the service life, which will lead to the phenomenon of powder shedding.

3. There should be no white spots in the gray calcium, that is, small particles, which can not be produced. The putty powder coating is easy to explode when meeting the moisture in the air after use.

4. The impurities and black spots in gray calcium should not be too much.

5. The fineness of lime and calcium: generally, it should not be lower than 325 mesh, and the fineness of lime calcium powder can not reach the putty powder that will be produced. It is inconvenient to apply the paint.

6. If the iron content in gray calcium is too much, the putty powder coating produced will turn black after use.

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