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Construction Admixtures for Coating Materials

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Construction Admixtures for Coating Materials

Water-based paints are mainly used for the protective and decorative coating of interior walls and ceilings but are also used for exterior applications.

Paints, in particular with a high pigment volume concentration (PVC), owe their good processing properties to PTMA.


Properties of Coatings:

Consistency for application :Water Retention , Binding Power, Storage Stability 

Open Time, Spattering, Levelling, Hiding Power And Film Formation Of The Coating Material Are Enhanced.


The choice of PTMA admixtures (HPMC,HEMC, HEC) depends on the application and the requirements, the most commonly used types are PTMA HE and PTMA H grades.



Cement paints


Exterior paints


Interior paints & coatins

Limewash paints & coatings

Paint-stripping pastes

Powder paints & coatings

Silicate paints & coatings

Silicone resin paints & coatings

Solid paints & coatings 

Stone Like Paints & coatings



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