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Construciton Admixture of Dry Powder Insulation Mortar

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Dry powder insulation mortar is made of lightweight aggregate such as polystyrene foam particles with good chemical resistance, no water absorption, high toughness, good crack resistance and excellent heat preservation and insulation properties. With the addition of fiber, cellulose ether, rubber powder and other high quality dry powder mortar additives, the mortar has thermal insulation performance, and ensures construction, crack resistance and weatherability. It is simple and economical in construction. It is suitable for plastering dry powder mortar with heat preservation function, which has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation and heat preservation.

HPMC in dry powder insulation mortar benefits:

∙ Increased adhesion,flexibility and impact resistance

∙ Increased cohesion

∙ Increased surface abrasion resistance

∙ Avoids crack formation

∙ Increased long-term performance

Ptmatech products- construction admixtures (HPMC, RDP, Water Reduceing Agent) can effectively improve the water retention,opening time,sag resistance,workability of the dry powder insulation mortars.

PTMA TECH is a provider of  admixture for construction mortar, coatings & paints and concrete, plastic chemicals, which has three plants with R&D……
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