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Characteristics Of RDP Redispersible Latex Powder

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Characteristics Of Redispersible Latex Powder:
Appearance: white powder, non-toxic

RDP Features:
Redispersible latex powder is mainly used in cement dry powder mortar in the construction industry.

It is an important additive in cement dry powder mortar and has a significant role in cement dry powder mortar.

It can improve the bonding strength and cohesion of the material.

Improve the material's elastic bending strength and flexural strength.

Improve the freeze-thaw resistance of the material. Improve the weather resistance, durability and wear resistance of the material.

Improve the hydrophobicity of the material and reduce the water absorption.

Improve workability and reduce material shrinkage. Can effectively prevent cracking.

●Improve bonding strength and cohesion
In cement dry powder mortar products, it is extremely necessary to add redispersible latex powder.

It is very obvious to improve the bonding strength and cohesion of the material.

This is because the polymer particles penetrate the pores and capillaries of the cement matrix and form good cohesive strength after hydration with the cement.

Because of the excellent adhesion of the polymer resin itself, it improves the adhesion of cement mortar products to the substrate, especially the inorganic binder of cement is bonded to organic substrates such as wood, fiber, PVC and EPS.

The improvement of poor sex is more obvious.

●Improve bending and tensile resistance
In the rigid skeleton formed by the hydration of cement mortar, the polymer film is elastic and tough. Between the particles of the cement mortar, it functions like a movable joint, which can withstand high deformation loads and reduce stress, making Tensile and bending resistance are improved.

●Improve impact resistance
It can be redispersed latex powder, which is thermoplastic resin.

The soft film coated on the surface of the mortar particles can absorb the impact of external forces and relax without breaking, thereby improving the impact resistance of the mortar.

●Improve water repellency  Reduce water absorption
Adding redispersible latex powder can improve the microstructure of cement mortar.

The polymer forms an irreversible network during the cement hydration process, closes the capillary in the cement gel body, blocks the absorption of moisture, prevents the penetration of moisture, and improves the impermeability.

●Improved abrasion resistance and durability
The addition of redispersible latex powder can increase the density of cement mortar particles and polymer film.

The enhancement of the bonding force correspondingly improves the ability of the mortar to bear the shear stress, so that the wear rate is reduced, the wear resistance is improved, and the service life of the mortar is extended.

●Improve freeze-thaw stability  effectively prevent material from cracking
The redispersible latex powder, the plasticity of its thermoplastic resin, can overcome the thermal expansion and contraction damage caused by the temperature difference on the cement mortar material.

Overcoming the shortcomings of simple cement mortar with large shrinkage deformation and easy cracking, it can make the material flexible, thereby improving the long-term stability of the material.

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