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Cement-based Penetrating Crystalline Waterproof Coating

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Cement-based penetrating crystalline waterproof coating

Cement-based Penetrating Crystalline Waterproof Coating, It is a light gray endless waterproof material made of ordinary Portland cement, fine quartz sand and a variety of special active chemical substances.


The active chemical substances contained in this product are brought into the internal pores of the structure through the penetration of the surface water, and interact with the midstream concrete ions to form water-insoluble crystals. The crystals absorb water in the structure pores Expansion, from sparse to dense, makes the surface layer of the concrete structure gradually form a dense impervious area, which greatly improves the overall impermeability of the structure. As long as this product is used in: subway, tunnels, roads and bridges, reservoirs, culverts, industrial and civil building basement floor and interior and exterior wall waterproofing projects, building roofing, exterior walls and various underground construction plugging works, and all concrete construction facilities Structural defects repair.


This penetrating crystalline waterproof coating product is an inorganic mixture that does not contain any organic compounds that are prone to aging. Its waterproof coated concrete base surface has good adhesion. After construction, it will not produce phenomena such as interlayers and shells with the structural base surface. The initial setting at room temperature usually starts after 20 minutes. Even if there is a small amount of pore seepage after waterproof construction, as the amount of infiltration crystal gradually increases, the concentration of crystals in the water flow increases, and the water flow will gradually change from flowing or drip to non-drip condensate, the wet surface gradually decreases, and the normal temperature After 15 days, the water trace gradually disappears, and the base surface is basically dry. The longer the time, the more obvious the effect. Due to the penetration effect of this product, it can be combined with concrete as a whole, which can achieve the purpose of long-term waterproof, moisture-proof and protection of steel bars, and strengthen the strength of concrete structure.

Performance characteristics of cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof coating:
Double waterproof performance: In addition to being able to penetrate into the concrete structure to block structural pores and cracks, the coating that acts on the base surface of the concrete also has a good anti-cracking and anti-seepage effect. Therefore, whether it acts on the water facing or back surface, it has the same waterproof effect.

Long-term self-healing performance:
The good adhesion of the waterproof coating of this product can be integrated with the base surface of the concrete structure, so the waterproof effect of the waterproof coating is as long as the life of the structure. At the same time, active chemicals can still be watered for many years, and new infiltration crystals continue to grow to compensate for and repair leakage caused by cracks, and have long-term waterproof performance.

Quick setting, early strength, rigid but not brittle characteristics:
The inorganic aggregate added to this product increases the plasticity of the hydrate and changes the hardness and brittleness of the early strong active compound. Therefore, although the cured product of this product is rigid, it will not be brittle and cracked. It is especially suitable for waterproof projects with water leakage.

Simple construction, labor-saving, time-saving and low comprehensive cost: This product has simple requirements for the base surface during construction, and no leveling layer is required for the concrete base surface; no protective layer is required after the construction is completed. As long as the coating is fully cured, it is not afraid of bumps, flaking and wear. The base surface with water seepage and flooding can be constructed at any time.



Cement 42.5 or higher grade : 610KG

Sands 40-70mesh : 310KG

Activated Crystal Materials : 40-80KG

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