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Cellulose in Toothpaste Industry

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Cellulose in Toothpaste Industry


Toothpaste is composed of paste base, container and outer package. Paste base is a complex mixture, which is composed of wetting excipients, adhesives, friction agents, washing foaming agents, fragrance agents, sweeteners, functional additives and other additives and pure water. The speed of settling and separating the solid powder in the liquid is inversely proportional to the viscosity of the liquid, and is also related to the rheological property and stability of the liquid. In order to make the powder disperse stably in the liquid, the rheological property of the liquid is changed by the adhesive. The commonly used adhesives in toothpaste are carboxymethyl cellulose sodium (SCMC), CEC or their mixtures. SCMC is not only a wetting excipient but also an adhesive in toothpaste. It can not only protect the moisture content of the paste base, but also maintain the rheology and thixotropy of the paste base, as well as the stability of the paste base, making it a stable suspension.


In the process of paste filling, low paste consistency is required (reduce filling friction, improve production efficiency), and after filling, it is necessary to have higher consistency, that is, CMC solution is expected to have a certain degree of pseudoplasticity and thixotropy. Appropriate CMC can meet this requirement.

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