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Cellulose Ethers HEC Thickener for Elastic Coating

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Cellulose Ethers HEC Thickener for Elastic Coating

Elastic coating
Elastic coating is based on polymer emulsion, formulated with pigments, fillers, thickener hec and other additives.  It is one functional coating that required a certain thickness to resist samll cracks caused by expansion and contraction of substrates.

The elastic coating is rich in expressiveness, strong in three-dimensional sense, high flexibility, extremely malleable, strong adhesion, resistant to scrubbing, acid and alkali resistance, does not fade, does not peel, and is not easy to crack.

Mainly suitable for residences, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.

PTMA TECH is a provider of  admixture for construction mortar, coatings & paints and concrete, daily chemical,plastic chemicals, which has three plants with R&D……
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