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Cellulose Ethers HEC Thickener Admixture for Latex Paint

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Cellulose Ethers HEC Thickener Admixture for Latex Paint

PTMA Cellulose Ether - HEC can be used in gypsum, cement, lime and mortar systems, tile paste and mortar. In cement components, it can be used as retarder and water retention agent. In the surface treatment of siding work, it is used in the preparation of latex body, which can pre-treat the surface and relieve the pressure on the wall, so that the effect of painting and surface coating is better; it can be used as a thickener for wallpaper adhesive.

HEC- ptma cellulose ethers can improve the performance of gypsum plaster by increasing the hardening and application time. In terms of compressive strength, torsional strength and spatial stability, HEC - ptma cellulose ether has a better effect than other celluloses.

Latex paint

HEC is the most commonly used thickener in latex coatings. In addition to thickening the latex paint, it can also emulsify, disperse, stabilize and retain water.

Ptma cellulose ether- HEC is characterized by a significant thickening effect, good color development, film formation and storage stability.

HEC is a non-ionic cellulose derivative, which can be used in a wide pH range and has good compatibility with other materials in the components (such as pigments, additives, fillers, and salts). Coatings thickened with HEC have good rheology at various shear rates and pseudo-plasticity. Brush, spray, roller and other construction methods can be adopted. The construction is good, it is not easy to drip, sag and splash, and the leveling is also good.

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