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Cellulose Ethers Additive of Building Materials

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Cellulose Ether Additive of Building Materials

The cellulose ether is a very important component in building materials, it can make cement, gray calcium and gypsum-based systems achieve better water retention, strength and viscosity.
The use of cellulose ether also makes it possible to industrialize high-quality mortar products.
Reasonable application of cellulose ether products can:
1. Improve the construction efficiency of mortar and achieve mechanized construction, thereby saving time and raw materials;
2. Manufacture high-quality mortar products, giving mortar new functions;
3. Improve the adaptability of mortar to the application environment.

Water retention
Cellulose ether can prevent the moisture from infiltrating into the base surface too fast, reduce the rate of moisture volatilization into the air, and allow more moisture to stay in the mortar to participate in the cement hydration and gypsum hydration reactions, thereby improving the strength of the dry-mixed mortar.
Higher water retention will also extend the curing time of the mortar, providing the operator with ample time to facilitate the use of dry-mixed mortar.
With the change of the ambient temperature, the water retention of cellulose ether will be affected. Jianxin's products have a stable water retention capacity in a wide temperature range, and some special brand products can be very good when the ambient temperature is up to 500 ℃ The water retention effect.

The good sag resistance of the mortar means that there will be no slippage when the mortar is applied at a considerable thickness. For the tile pasting project, it means that the tiles pasted to the wall will not be displaced due to gravity; for the engraving mortar, its excellent stereotypes can give the mortar a good plastic shape. The cellulose ether product of ptma can significantly increase the yield strength and thixotropy of the mortar system, so that the mortar has priority anti-sagging ability, thereby improving the construction efficiency.

Improve workability
We develop special cellulose ether products for mortars constructed by different methods. They can make the mortar have better application performance, reduce adhesion to tools, and make the application feel smoother, which makes construction easier and reduces manpower consumption. .
Similarly, we also have a fast-acting product series that can dissolve in a very short time and reach the required suitable viscosity and anti-sagging performance, especially suitable for mechanical construction.

High output rate
For fixed dry powder mortar, it is more economical to add water to mix a higher volume of fresh mortar.
The modified cellulose ether can increase the surface tension of the mortar slurry, which makes the mortar larger and increases the batch scraping area.

The cellulose ether of ptma can reduce the surface tension of the mortar slurry, which makes the mortar better wet the substrate, ensure the wet adhesion between the mortar and the substrate, and avoid curling and ashing during construction.

Opening hours
Appropriate cellulose ether products can maintain the consistency of the mortar and the surface moisture within a certain period of time, rather than locking the moisture in the local part of the mortar, so as to keep the surface of the mortar moist for a long time and ensure the application time of the mortar And smooth operation.

In some special mortar products, special grades of cellulose ether products will provide suspension without changing the consistency of the mortar. The heavy materials suspended in the mortar system will be evenly dispersed in the mortar without causing precipitation and bleeding, so that the mortar has Special properties, such as self-leveling and self-compacting mortar.

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