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Cassava Pregelatinized Starch for Wall Putty Powder

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Cassava Pregelatinized Starch

Cassava Pregelatinized Starch is a kind of cassava starch as raw material, economically modified and improved.

Properties : solution thickener, good water solubility, suspension or glue stability, protective colloid effect, film formation, water retention, adhesion performance, odorless, biocompatibility, thixotropy, etc.

Physical Performance

Appearance: white powder

Viscosity: ≥600~1000 cps

Fine: ≥90mesh

Ash Content: ≤0.4

PH: 6~8

Performance : Can form a transparent gel in cold water. 


1 Very good rapid thickening ability, with a certain degree of water retention,

 2 The dosage is small, and the extremely low dosage can achieve high results.

 3 Improve the anti-sliding ability of the material.

 4 Improve the handling properties of materials and make the operation smoother.

 5 Extend the opening hours of materials.


In the construction industry, thermal insulation mortar,wall putty powder, tile bonding, construction mortar, etc.  It can improve construction performance while reducing production costs by about 10-20%.

Package & Storage

25kg/bag,  Store in dry and cool environment.

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