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Application of RDP Redispersible Latex Powder

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Redispersible latex powder application
1. Exterior insulation system:
Bonding mortar: to ensure that the cement mortar will strongly bond the wall and the epoxy wallboard. Improve the bonding compressive strength.
Surface mortar: to ensure the impact toughness, crack resistance and impact resistance of the system.
2. Tile adhesive and caulk:
Tile adhesive: It has high toughness to cement mortar, so that cement mortar has enough flexibility to strain the bottom of muscle and floor under different linear expansion coefficients.
Sealant: Make cement mortar have anti-seepage grade to avoid water intrusion. In addition, it has good adhesion and low shrinkage and flexibility along the edge of the brick.
3. Renovation of ceramic tiles and wall putty on wooden boards:
Improve the adhesion and compressive strength of putty powder on special boards (such as floor tiles, mosaics, plywood, etc.) to ensure that putty powder has good elasticity and can strain the coefficient of thermal expansion of the board.
4. Internal and external wall putty:
Improve the bonding compressive strength of putty powder, ensure that putty powder has a certain flexibility, can buffer different rural grass to produce different expansion and contraction effects.
Make sure the putty powder has good anti-aging, anti-seepage grade and waterproof performance.
5. Self-leveling floor cement mortar:
Ensure the compatibility, bending strength and crack resistance of the elastic mortar mold of cement.
Improve the wear resistance, bond strength and bond strength of cement mortar.
6. Interface mortar:
Improve the compressive strength of the surface layer of cement mortar to ensure the adhesion of cement mortar.
7. Cement-based waterproof mortar:
In order to ensure the moisture resistance of the cement mortar coating, in addition to the good adhesion of the reference surface, the compressive strength and bending strength of the cement mortar are also improved.
8. Repair mortar:
Ensure that the thermal expansion coefficient of the cement mortar is consistent with the thermal expansion coefficient of the board, and reduce the elastic modulus of the cement mortar.
Ensure that cement mortar has sufficient hydrophobicity, permeability and cohesiveness.
9. Brick wall gypsum mortar:
Improve water solubility. Reduce water scarce walls or porous structural materials.

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