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Vinylcyclohexene Member

Vinylcyclohexene Member

Vinyl ring is a cyclic siloxane containing vinyl and methyl groups, and is a kind of organosilicon vinyl mixed ring. In the vinyl ring, there are not only the main four-membered ring, but also the secondary three-membered ring, five-membered ring and so on. Vinyl ring D4vi (hereinafter referred to as vinyl ring), also known as tetramethyltetravinylcyclotetrasiloxane, contains both vinyl active groups and Si—O bonds with excellent thermal stability. Very high bond energy, 425kJ/moChemicalbookl, higher than the bond energy of C—C bond and C—O bond, so it has better resistance to high and low temperature, anti-ultraviolet aging and other properties. When the vinyl ring is used as the monomer or additive, due to the introduction of vinyl, its reactivity is high, and the system can be further cross-linked, such as the cross-linking and vulcanization reaction of linear polydimethylsiloxane. The physical and chemical properties of rubber are one of the raw materials for many silicone products and functional compounds such as silicone rubber, solvent-free resin and vinyl silicone oil.

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