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Trimethoxysilylpropanethiol is a bifunctional organosilane possessing a reactive organic mercapto and a hydrolyzable inorganic methoxysilyl group. Trimethoxysilylpropanethiol is a clear, colorless to light yellow liquid with a slightly mercaptan odor. It is soluble in alcohols, ketones and aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • Trimethoxysilylpropanethiol can be used as coupling agent to improve the adhesion of sulfur cured elastomers (polysulfide, polyurethane sealants) to inorganic fillers (such as silica, clay, glass, mica and talc etc.), fiberglass and surfaces. Mineral-reinforced articles such as shoe soles, rubber rollers and wheels, white sidewalls, and wire and cable insulation also can be produced with lower silane loadings.

  • Used to improve properties of mineral filled elastomer, including modulus, tensile and tear strength, heat buildup, abrasion resistance, resilience, compression set and cure time.

  • Used as a pretreatment on minerals or added at the time of compounding.

  • Used to improve low-rolling resistance in silica-reinforced tire tread compounds.

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