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Diethoxy(methyl)vinylsilane Usage And Synthesis

Diethoxy(methyl)vinylsilane can be used to prepare benzocyclobutene(BCB) functionalized siloxanes for the development of encapsulating resins in microelectronics industry. It may be used in the preparation of polysiloxane modified tetraphenylethene(PTPESi) which finds potential application as a sensor for vapour phase detection of explosives. It may also be used in the surface modification of silica matrix that enables better chromatographic properties in cation-exchange process.
General Description
Diethoxy(methyl)vinylsilane is an organosiloxane with a reactive vinyl group. It has a good toughness which is highly thermo-stable and a good film former. It can be converted into a highly cross-linked polymer through thermal polymerization reaction.

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